Version 0.8.0

The driver is no longer beta, and is now considered as stable for Firebird 3.0 (support for Firebird 4 is still evolving till final release).

  • Documentation, both in code and separate (especially Usage Guide).

  • Added support for new FB4 data types in ARRAY fields.

  • Refactoring in driver hooks.

  • New Cursor.call_procedure() method.

  • Refactoring and fixes in Server and its services.

Version 0.7.0

  • Added support for new FB4 data types (TIME/TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE, DECFLOAT[16|34] and extended DECIMAL/NUMERIC via INT128 storage).

Version 0.6.0

  • More documentation.

  • Initial support for Firebird 4+ (interfaces and other definitions). Includes support for interface versions.

  • Service renamed to Server. Selected functionality moved to inner objects (relates to FB4+ support).

  • New module: config - Driver configuration

  • New module: interfaces - Interface wrappers for Firebird new API

  • Changed module: types

    • Interface wrapper moved to separate module

    • Buffer managers moved to core module

  • Changed module: core

    • connect(), create_database() and connect_server() now use driver configuration.

    • Simplified/unified transaction isolation specification.

    • Emit warnings when objects with allocated Firebird resources are disposed (by Python GC) without prior call to close().

    • Trace instrumentation removed. Use dynamic trace configuration from firebird-base 0.6.0.

    • Connection and Transaction information moved to inner objects accessible via info properties (relates to FB4+ support).

Version 0.5.0

Initial release.